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Think of the long summer days we have ahead, our feet can look stylish and still be in comfort with any of the wedges available in this section! At HeartThentic we have a wide variety of trendy and affordable wedges. We have the floral wedges to fit our girly-girls needs, as well as, the classic beige wedges for our classic girls needs. Not only do have a variety in styles, we also have a variety of wedge heights! We have the 5.95 heel height for the daring and the 2.75 heel height for the comfort but lets be honest even the higher heel wedges are still comfortable! That is why we love wedges so much.

Our fashionistas have all the options they can possibly imagine in wedges! Wedges are perfect for any occasion. Our wedges can be styled to be more on the dressy side or styled to be more on the casual side. Let's face it, we love to be able to use our favorite pair of wedges various times for various occasions. They can be paired with our casual dresses or even our denim boyfriend jeans. You will fall in love with our wedges and wear them all season long!