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Here at HeartThentic, we take everything-fashion seriously, even to the tiniest detail! Our selection of other accessories is always filled with the latest and trendiest fun and fashionable stuff! Yes, STUFF! From furry pom-pom key chains and bow ties to colorful pin patches and emoji pillows, you are sure to find an accessory or accessories that you will love and adore the most! With HeartThentic, you will want to accessorize everything!  When we say everything� we say EVERYTHING! And let's not forget that these accessories are very stylish yet affordable! Glam up without getting bummed up!

Who doesn't love some furry pom-pom key chains? They're so soft and fluffy, we're gonna die! Just kidding, we're not actually gonna die but we just really love furry pom-pom key chains so much! We have a variety for you to choose from, from solid colors to ombres! The latest addition to the pom-pom collection is the furry faux fur pyramid coin purse key chain with available wrist strap! Keep those coins close to you!

Patch it up! Patch those bags, backpacks, and denim jackets! Sometimes, there are not enough patches for our patched clothing and bags so why not add more! Here at our Other Accessories section, you will dig up additional cute, colorful, and fancy pin patches for you to have even more fun! Patch it up like its no one's business! Did we say Emoji pillows? Oh yes we did! We use emojis every time we send out a message, when we tweet, when we post photos on our social media handles, so why not snuggle and cuddle with one? Emojis never run out of style, they are always in! Here at HeartThentic, we know what the latest trends are! We are sure to keep your entire closet and accessories refreshed and updated!

Accessories are like the icing on the cake. Without it, your outfit will never be complete! So make sure to visit and shop HeartThentic for the latest trending Other Accessories to glamorize your look and your other essential accessories!