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Lucite Heels have taken over the fashion world and everyone seems to be mesmerized by this hot trend. The heel is beautifully clear and perfect for any occasion; this see-through shoe gives you an extra sense of elegance and sophistication. For example the Transparent Ankle Strap Open Toe Lucite Heel is a very elegant shoe that you can pair of with any bodycon dress for a night out with your best gals. The iceberg block heel has been seen on Roberto Cavalli runways & Yeezy's Latest Fashion Show, but at UOG you can find the same exact styles at a more affordable budget, such as our Transparent Ankle Strap Chunky Lucite Heel that has made its way from the runway to the streets.

These shoes resemble a more romantic and modern version of Cinderella's glass slipper. Another great thing about them is that they give an illusion that makes it seem as though you might be floating on air while you are taking a stroll. Lucite heels can make a huge statement and a lasting impact on your style. If you are ready to rock a pair of these, then look through our Lucite Selection; not only were these shoes made for walking but they were made to turn heads with their oh-so-sexy appearance!

The Fluffy Fur Lucite Chunky Perspex Heel and the Pom Pom Lucite Peep Toe Ankle Booties are a very fun and festive look that will have anyone gasping at their beauty. For the daring and risky divas we have Holographic Rainbow Illusion Ankle Strap Chunky Lucite Heels and we also carry Glitter Chunky Lucite Heeled Ankle Boots. So clear your closet for some fantastic plastic pieces known as Lucite. This translucent trend is making its way around the fashion industry, to the point where it has evolved from the modern day Cinderella glass slipper heel to a Transparent Lucite Heeled Over-The-Knee Boot, and even into a Transparent Band Slide Sandal. Lovely Lucite is versatile and universal, and it'll add a fresh burst of on-trend vibes to any ensemble.