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Keep up with the fashion world and be sure to own one of our many furry coats or accessoriesFaux Fur is one of the most popular fashion trends that has stuck around for years and is the perfect item to wear during icy nights. Not only will it keep you warm and comfy but it will completely transform your whole outfit! You will look absolutely fabulous and chic no matter how harsh the weather is. You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur! At an affordable price you can look like a glamorous Hollywood pop star! We offer furry options for every girl.  

Our fur is cozy and super stylish, and best of all, its animal friendly! whether it�s on a coat or on a pair of shoes you will feel fabulous and guilt-free. Anyone can pull off the look, so if you are trying to impersonate a channel model or look like a 1950�s starlet, go ahead and browse our site that offers multiple patterns and designs. And if a fuzzy coat is to over the top for you then don�t worry because we also have alternative options such as head beanies, scarves, and boots.

Even our Snow Boots and Knee High Rain Boots are filled with faux fur to keep your legs from shivering. As for our coats, we have almost every pattern and design imaginable we have regular Faux Fur Coats, Long Hair Faux Fur Coats, and even Double Texture Faux Fur Coats for those extra windy nights or you can simply pick from a puffy long sleeve coat or a White Furry Vest. 

However you choose to wear it, remember to have fun styling faux fur without spending a fortune. HeartThentic will also like to make a friendly reminder that absolutely no animal has been harmed.